Dr. Sharon Forrest

  A hands-on-healer since early childhood, Sharon
has the gift of enthusiastically blending spirituality,
science and healing with love and laughter in
presenting the powerful connection between the mental,
physical, emotional and spiritual. An inspiring and
dynamic presenter, Sharon speaks frequently on radio and
TV shows, at professional conferences, and Wellness
Programs.  Sharon has the rare gift of being able to tune in and
adapt the workshop, lecture or show to the needs of those attending or listening. Forrest has a book “A Melody of the Natural
Healing Arts and Preventive Medicine,” a booklet, “Healing The Wounds”, and is currently writing several other books.
One primarily for health care professionals, “Reversing Chronic and Degenerative Diseases.”
    Sharon spent much of her life in hospitals, chronically ill with chronic bronchial asthma and Lupus, often receiving Last Rights. A “Near Death” experience and dreams of innovative ways to heal herself, changed her life. Now, 40+ years later, she is vibrantly healthy and full of energy. So much so, that many refer to her in awe as Super Woman.    
  Dr. Forrest has been successfully using one form or another of light interactive hypnosis for over 50 years and has served on the Boards of many associations in the fields of mental and physical health. For the last 30+ years, she has been teaching and lecturing world-wide as well as overseeing her many programs for the “Children of the Street” in Peru. Her workshops and seminars on alternative, complimentary and holistic health, clinical hypnotherapy, personal and spiritual growth are geared to both health care professionals and lay persons. 

Sharon Forrest is the founder and director of The Forrest Foundation for Effective Living, Path of the Heart, Sanctuary of
Universal Love and Sacred Journeys, plus Co-Founder of Healthways International and the Center of Integrated Medicine.

  Another area that Sharon Forrest is a forerunner is the correlation between the mind, the immune and made more popular recently.
This science has 5000 years ago Kalawaya doctors believed that to first. Forrest's continuing
successes in reversing now of prime interest. People are finally taking

Information on Sharon Forrest's Work
A Researcher's Communiqué
Chere Ange

  in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology,
other systems of the body. An intriguing topic
been around for some time. As far back as
heal the body one must heal the soul
disease proves that this is still true. PNI is
 an interest in their own health issues. more

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