An Article on Sharon Forrest
By Roxanne Davies, Researcher (1992)

An asthmatic woman is able to breathe without medication for the first time in twenty years. A man with aggressive melanoma cancer releases blocked childhood fears and anxieties, as well as a chronic cough, and feels hopeful of conquering his illness. A woman undergoes a past-life regression, which explains the mystery of a current illness and is healed.

These are only three of the many people who have been helped by taking a healing workshop with Sharon Forrest.
"Life-changing' is the best way to describe her work.

Throughout history there have been people who have demonstrated special gifts of healing and a desire to help others.
Often these individuals enter the helping professions - the clergy, medicine and teaching.

Forrest incorporates all of these spheres. She knew that she was a healer since the age of five. Over the years her curiosity has taken her down many paths. Today this master healer, certified clinical hypnotherapist and certified nutritionist with a background in naturopathic medicine, transpersonal and spiritual psychology has a wealth of knowledge to bring to her healing work. Most importantly, Forrest' blends healing and science with love and laughter. She is fondly called "Miracle Lady" and the "Bratty Angel"! Her own private life has provided the fodder for understanding of how health and emotions are connected. Sexually and emotionally abused as a child, she confronted her past and also healed the issues around her abusers. Forrest' has suffered numerous health problems including Lupus and chronic lung problems, and has been given the death rites numerous times. Sharon has healed herself totally. She has demonstrated the ability to do that for others.

With her unique insights into the many facets of human experience, she can identify the emotional blocks and scars that are like a tight straight - jacket of the soul.

The noted American writer Susan Sontag noted "Any important disease whose casualty is murky, and for which treatment is ineffective, tends to be a wash in significance." In many cases where physical treatment fails, it is because of an underlying emotional blueprint that registers fear, mistrust, rejection and abuse. This can result in chronic illness, failed relationships, addictions, negative behavior patterns. It is now believed that although psychotherapy has enjoyed limited success, it tends to spin out the problem without lasting effect of complete resolution. Forrest's workshops and private counseling sessions often begin where others leave off.

    For instance, Forrest's therapy has shown great success using hypnotherapy to guide the person back to painful memories, shehelps to gain a new perspective on the situation. Was a woman abused by a father who himself was abused? Is a man who continues to fail at work simply reliving the expectations of his parents?

Forrest is currently using anew innovative technique and having tremendous results with it. She is able to take the client back into the womb and even a past life in order to find the underlying cause of current illness, as well as emotional and physical pain. By finding these underlying causes she can, many times, get the client to release the old pattern and 

      immediately heal most any chronic problem. Forrest calls this technique Psychocellular Communication Therapy and canactually be considered miraculous. Forrest has found that inter-generational healing is possible, ending a cycle of pain and abuse. Also, direct confrontation with abusers is not always necessary and in fact can be more  



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