Chere Ange - "The Miracle Lady"

Sharon Forrest is an internationally known and loved metaphysical healer/teacher and health practitioner. Her friends and students call her "Chere Ange" (Dear Angel) and sometimes "The Miracle Lady."

Q: Sharon, how did you get involved in healing?
S: I wish I knew! I apparently started at a very early age. I didn't know what I was doing but it worked. People and animals got
better. Later when I started working with young delinquents, badly treated children and children on drugs, I discovered that I
had the ability to become one with the person I was working with, to feel what they were feeling and know what they were
thinking. I intuitively knew the best therapy for that individual.

Q: What are some of your most memorable healings?
S: That's a hard question to answer. They are all so special. Each person is so unique and wonderful, consequently each healing is beautiful and unique. I guess I could mention some of the most remarkable ones from a medical point of view.

One was my first experience using a crystal. A lady in her late fifties was dying of Tetanus (lockjaw). Her family called me in as a last resort. I did the usual laying on of hands but I felt that she was not absorbing much of the energy I was channeling, so when I said evening healing prayers I asked Jesus to tell me what to do. In my dream that night Jesus told me to make certain passes over her body with an amethyst I had recently been given and use the Breath of God.

The next day due to a very busy schedule I was unable to visit Francoise in Intensive Care. That night I had the exact same dream. I was amazed, so I got the girls to cover for me at the office and went to the hospital and did exactly as Jesus had demonstrated. To my utter amazement she started to move. The doctors then said that if she lived she would be a vegetable, that the brain was damaged and that her bones had atrophied. I heard a voice telling me to tell the doctors that she would walk, dance, drive her car and write poetry all within six weeks. Well, I have a beautiful, touching poem written by her in my office, and she walking, dancing, and driving her car.

Another was Carol from Ottawa who had been paralyzed on her left side for many years. She brought a friend with cancer asking me to channel healing. When I had finished with her friend I asked if she would like some energy. She said, “no thanks.” And explained hat her husband was with the Canadian Embassy and they had traveled all over the world seeking help but to no avail. She was convinced that she could not be healed. Within twenty minutes she walked out of there, healed. The next day she came


back saying I have a complaint. I said, “oh no. Don't tell me you're losing the use of your leg again or that it is numb”. No, she said, I just want tell you I have 50 pairs of shoes that the left foot doesn't fit! Three years later I received a letter from her stating that they were in China and that she was still buying shoes.

One beautiful healing event took place at a special healing circle Christmas Eve. Fifty or so people attended, including Lucy, a blind lady in her forties. Seconds after we had channeled healing she started crying, saying

      Oh-h-h, oh-h-h, oh-h-h I can see! I can see! Nearly everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. I said Merry Christmas from Jesus, now go out and see the beauty in the world.



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