Chere Ange - "The Miracle Lady"
(1990) continued...

Then there is little Antoinette, a beautiful young Italian girl in her late twenties, She came to us terrified, she had cancer and was told that she had two months to live. She was afraid to die. So first we explained the beauty of dying, and life after death, and I told her of my Near Death experiences. When her fears had subsided I then preceded to channel healing, she was instantly healed. She now has a group of cancer patients she works with, teaching the methods we used with her. Also a video is being put together by McGill University about her healing titled "You Don't Have to Die."

Q: How did you get into teaching?
S: I was very sick, spending a good part of each year in the hospital. I used to think that my mother who had been extremely
cruel both mentally and physically had put a jinx on me. Until I realized that I was my own worst jinx! And I started to notice the relation between the person's attitude, hurts, pains, anger, guilt, resentment and the disease. I noticed that some could be
healed of any affliction but if they didn't change their outlook on life, they got sick again. I realized that... if you always think like you always thought, you'll always get what you always got! I had to find the cause! I had to find a way to heal the cause.

So I started to pray, asking that they use my hands, body and words as an instrument for holistic healing. Healing of the mind, the body, the soul. Many of the things I teach in my workshops I get from my dreams. I try them out and they work. I share them with researchers like Dr. Bernie Grad, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Dr. Valerie Hunt, and others. Often they will call me back and explain in scientific terms what I have done and why it works. Many things they cannot explain. But each of my students will feel bones move and realign and feel the healing energy.

Q: How can you tell which method to use on a person that needs healing?
S: I realize that since there are no two people exactly alike, that since each is so unique and special, then each person's cause and cure would be unique. I also realize that the best healer, the strongest most powerful healing chemicals are right within each and every one of us. We are God's greatest miracle. That divine essence is right within us, it breathes our body for us, we don't even have to stop to think about taking a breath every second, this same divine energy digests our food, eliminates the toxins, heals our wounds, and much, much more. That same energy, call it the God within, you super conscious, the Knower, your Higher Self, whatever you want, knows how your body wants to be healed, and what the priorities are. Supposing you have someone with migraines, the cause could be structural, nutritional, emotional, electrical, whiplash, birth trauma, etc. How do we know what needs to be helped first? What is the top priority? How can we be sure? But that Divine Essence within knows. It knows if it is a vertebrae, or the TMJ, or nutrition or emotion. So I have worked out a means of communicating with that God Within, the Knower, of finding the


cause and correcting it. I think that it is of vital importance that people learn how to heal themselves, to find the cause and correct it. To learn how to forgive, to love others, to love themselves and the child within and to find their spiritual path.


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