Dr. Forrest

  Only for those who are ready to heal and be all they can  
  be! Do you occasionally cry out, "Why is this happening to  
  me again and again?" "Why me God?" or "What did I do to  
  deserve this?" Do you question why you have a certain disease  
  or reoccurring problem? Can you detect a pattern in your  
  relationships or your family? Do you sometimes wonder why  
  you were born or what your Life Mission is? Is it possible that by exploring your childhood, past lives and womb experiences,
you can gain insight and heal the problems in your adult life?
  Do these experiences influence all you relationships - even with yourself? Whether we are aware of it or not, they do!
  Can you find solutions to sabotaging patterns, chronic diseases, depression, relationships,    
  anger, fear, aches and pains? Yes! Would you like to break multigenerational patterns  
  and empower your family and loved       ones to heal? Would you like to heal abuse  
  and or certain areas of your life? Is this possible? Definitely, says internationally  
  renowned, Holistic Health pioneer, Sharon Forrest. Lovingly called Bratty Angel and Life-  
  Transformer, she blends science, healing and ancient wisdom with love and
   laughter. Forrest is founder of The Forrest Foundation for Effective  
   Living, Healthways International, The Center of Integrated Medicine,  
   The Path of the Heart, Sanctuary of Universal Love and Sacred Journeys.
  A healer since early childhood, Forrest coordinates all disciplines. Sharon has worked with  
  many celebrities and leaders in the Spiritual, personal growth, political, medical and  
  holistic health fields. She has been covered on hundreds of major television and radio shows, and featured in newspapers world wide.  

Please be informed that the therapies offered by Sharon Forrest, Healthways and the Sanctuary of Universal Love are not in lieu of medical attention but as a powerful adjunct.

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