Journey to

Sacred Peru

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We invite you to join us.
The Condors of the South are calling
the Eagles of the North.

And the Ancient Ones are calling those who are ready.
Will you answer?

April 6th - 20th, 2018 ~ The Ultimate Sacred Journey to Peru

Immerse yourself in the mysterious World of Ancient Peru, Machu Picchu
and The Andes. Travel in comfort, at your own pace, off the beaten track with genuine,
indigenous Shamans, Keepers of Ancient Wisdom and heart-centered Native People.

The Andes and the Sacred Sites become vibrantly alive because you travel in comfort, off the beaten track
with the Elders, Keepers of Ancient Wisdom, Healers, Shamans, and wonderful heart-centered native people.
We travel in small groups and you experience sacred sites and powerful initiation vortexes that 98% of the tourists
never even heard of. Our genuine native guides, who are with us all the time, have a profound passion for
ancient practices, legends, metaphysics and the other realms that are present to assist us on our Sacred Journey.

Have time to experience and revel in the energies of the Sacred Sites. Have the wonderful opportunity of exploring the latest discoveries. Discoveries that predate and are far older and more advanced than anyone ever believed could exist.  Discoveries that alter history as we know it. For our distinguished gathering we have acquired very unique and extraordinary privileges and permits, usually unavailable to tourists.

Remarkable healings and life changes invariably take place during our Journeys. Our
Journeys are specially designed with expert guidance.  Your safety,
health, comfort, well-being, as well as your spiritual and personal growth
are constantly taken into consideration.  Plus... Path of the Heart always
ensures that the indigenous people truly benefit from our visits.

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Journey to Sacred Peru, click

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Who Our Journeys are Designed For

Ancient Wisdom-Inspiring Quote

Our Sacred Journeys
are Exceptional!


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