Modalities and Therapies

Experience one or a combination of the following modalities in a supportive, safe and confidential environment:

Anger Release and Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Anoxia and Prenatal Suffocation Syndrome
Birth, Conception and Womb Trauma Clearing and Reprogramming
Childhood Mental, Physical, Emotional and/or Sexual Abuse
Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment (CCMBA) DNA Clearing
Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing (CCSMC) DNA Clearing
Confidence/Esteem Building
Deprogramming Non-Desirable Patterns and Beliefs
Egyptian Numerology ~ understanding your Life, Karma and Mission
Energy Medicine
Energy Psychology
Hand-on Healing: Reiki Quantum etc.
Herbal and Nutritional Programs
It Works! Therapy
Immune System Enhancement
Inner Child Work and Breaking Old Patterns
Intimacy and Relationship Issues
Life Coaching ~ Live your Life Mission/Purpose
Job Transitions
Marriage and Spiritual Counseling
Mind/Body/Soul Procedures
Multi-Generational Patterns/Diseases
Multi-Generational/Genealogical Healing and Clearing
(NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy
Past-Life Regressions
Soul Retrieval
Phobia Clearing
Transforming fear and guilt
Post Traumatic Stress Resolution (PTSD)
Psychocellular Communication Therapy
Saboteur Elimination and Reprogramming
Self Empowerment
Spiritual Alchemy
Stress Reduction
Inner Peace
Thought Field Therapies and Energy Psychology - EFT, TFT, TAT

Uncovering and healing the underlying cause is the key to lasting transformation and health. Invariably in cases where relationships or psychological, physical and medical treatments fail, it is because of a hidden or subconscious emotional blueprint. This can change!

Testimonials Energy Medicine

Testimonials Past Life Regressions



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