Sharon Forrest - The Miracle Healer a Glimpse of Her Life and Her Work
By Mel Kazinoff (1990)

Naturopathic Physician, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Parapsychologist, practitioner of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis, International Lecturer. All these titles fit but she prefers to be known as Healer. She is Rev. Dr. Sharon Forrest. A Healer since childhood she knew that placing her hands on people helped them to feel well. The amazing thing is that this gift developed in a household of affluence on the one hand and extreme abuse on the other. Her father a gentle and loving man was a vivid contrast to her "Victorian" mother, who seemed to enjoy venting an inexplicable rage against the young Sharon.

At about the age of 9, after a severe beating, from her mother, the child was moved from this abusive home to the home of her
Aunt in New Jersey. It was at this time that the family discovered that little Sharon had been frequently, sexually, abused by
both their chauffeur and a neighbor. This was never discussed with Sharon at the time. Much later in life, triggered by
frequent and insistent dreams, Sharon discovered the truth. She then confronted her oldest sister who was amazed that
Sharon didn't remember this traumatic phase of her life.

Therapy and her own healing abilities allowed her to deal with these emotional explosions to the point where she came face to face with the neighbor at a wedding, and in her own words, "I calmly but firmly told him I remember what he did to me, and I know you did the same thing to your daughters. I give you two weeks for you and your daughters to get into therapy. If you don’t, I will press charges. But I didn't feel anything negative towards him at all. Something happened to him that he became a pedophile." By this time she was lecturing around the country, and within a week was able to use this newly gained knowledge at a workshop, where she was amazed to discover that 22 of the 25 participants were sexually abused as children. Coincidence? Backtracking to the age of 16, Sharon left her Aunt's home to branched out on her own. She made her way to the slums of Montreal, where here healing abilities were put to the test and where she gave hope to those who thought they had none. She was nicknamed "Chere Ange" or Dear Angel by the neighbors and people she helped, a name she cherishes today. 

Much of Sharon's healing information comes in visions and dreams. She has very meaningful dreams which she has learned to listen to. Such techniques as CMBA, or Complete Mind and Body Alignment, came in a dream and is considered by many to be the most powerful "hands - on" healing energy available to us. Sharon has had amazing healing results from the use of CMBA, as have others she has taught to use the energy. Teaching others is a key to Sharon's philosophy. She considers that whatever she gets is to be shared with anyone wishing to use the healing for the good of others.

    Another dimension of her work is with special crystals. She has worked with Marcel Vogel, the eminent scientist from IBM who, among other things, pioneered studies in the use of crystals in electronics. On retirement-he was given funds to further his research specifically focusing on the energy in crystals. His interests turned to the ability to use crystal energy for healing and it was at about this time he met Dr. Forrest. This was a very profound meeting for Sharon and she carries one of Dr. Vogel's crystals with her and uses it in her healings. Other methods Sharon incorporates are the use of breathwork, bringing childhood trauma to the surface, body manipulations to release  
      physical stress and much more. All these modalities and more are to be taught and experienced in a 1 week long conference called "Fiesta of Life" to be held In Mexico, August 5-12, with a post conference, 3-day intensive on healing through Innovative Clinical Hypnotherapy. Medical professionals, such as nurses and

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