Sharon Forrest - The Miracle Healer a Glimpse of Her Life and Her Work
By Mel Kazinoff (1990)

hypnotherapists will receive credits from this conference. This is an exciting opportunity to work with Dr. Forrest in a magnificent and relaxing environment. I, for one, am really looking forward to it, and I am eager to visit her Research Hospital near Mexico city.

On her return from Mexico, those who missed her last weekend in Toronto in June will have another chance to work with her
August 19-21. Sharon will be offering an Inner Child workshop for those who have experienced ANY kind of abuse. The
weekend will bring into play Sharon's healing knowledge and is a great chance to heal your own inner child and learn the techniques, to help others. I remember from the June weekend some of Sharon's case histories. There was the story of
Joe, a man in his fifties, regressing back to the womb. "It was an interesting experience for me, because I didn't believe that
a child was absorbing that much at conception and during the gestation period." says Dr. Forrest. Joe experienced a fetal
memory, hearing his father call his mother names, accusing her of infidelity and being pregnant with someone else's child. He felt the frustration of trying to scream out, Daddy I'm yours.'" During a break Joe called his mother to validate the truth of the experience. Her shocked response was 'How did you find out?"

There was also the story of a healing which took place on one Christmas Eve. It’s about Lucy, a blind lady who attended a healing with about fifty others. Suddenly during the healing she jumps up, tears in her eyes, saying, “I can see, I can see!” Yes, we've all heard about healings like this one before, but here on that Christmas Eve it really happened. Another is an event that took place in a Club House when Sharon was about 22. A woman having severed her thumb with a butcher’s knife, with copious amounts of blood everywhere was fortunate to have Sharon nearby. Sharon retrieved the severed thumb held the piece in place and said, "Blood stop," Not releasing the thumb until they reached the hospital the doctors discovered the thumb completely healed. They did not believe that the thumb had ever been severed, even though there were several witnesses to the incident. These and many other stories show the power of healing and the power of our minds. We all have the ability to perform these 'miracles' and through Sharon's teachings we can learn how. A special event happened at the end of the June workshop. Two of us were given the opportunity to participate in a specific healing release. The Vogel crystal was used and I was one of the two chosen to take part in this experience. I remember standing, with Sharon on one side and another member of our group on the other. I had my eyes dosed, facing the group. I didn't know what Sharon was doing but could hear her words. Neither of them were touching me but suddenly I was pitched forward on to my hands and knees. I felt an enormous wave of release. Things from my past, which were holding me back, were suddenly lifted and I was a different person. This feeling has stayed with me. Now, months latter, I still feel anything is possible and my future looks bright and beautiful. 


Another event on the weekend was a spontaneous decision by Sharon to add an extra session. For those who could come early on the Sunday morning they were to experience Sharon's use of hypnotic healing. My wife, Barbara, was volunteered and she was taken back to several childhood experiences and into a past lifetime in order to clear some

present day trauma and to heal the inner child. Now, I work with people to access their past lifetimes, but this was the most spectacular use of the tools I have seen, to experience the root causes of the trauma and help clear its hold over us. As Sharon says, today the Law of Grace takes precedence over the Law of Karma, and so Karma can be cleared by Grace. This is what is being accessed and invoked through her

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