Aloha Sharon,
I have been questioning Spirit as to your where-abouts and just happened to receive the Spirit Voice news letter and there you were! Hopefully you'll remember me, Linda Alice Vest. I attended a few years the workshops in Hilo & Kona 1989 thru 92. I experienced many blessings and growth on some very profound levels through those workshops. Glad to see you are still at it! When you have a minute I’d love to hear from you.

Hi. I attended Sharon's seminar at the New Millennium Psychic Center in Derry NH. While I was a bit skeptic, I was amazed when I left. Will watch for Sharon to return to the East Coast. Loved it!
Healing Pathways hosts Dr. Sharon Forrest Workshops

I didn't believe Dr. Forrest when she told me she could teach me how to find the underlying cause and to fix anyone any time. I do now. After doing the seminar and working with it for a few weeks everyone gets corrected. You won't believe those statements on the web site until you do it yourself. AND YOU WILL if you attend Dr. Forrest's seminars and Trainings. I have told bunches of docs about this and they all love it. ~ Dr. Allen M

Over the second weekend of June, several HAHN members were privileged to take an amazing healing certification workshop by world renowned healer Dr. Sharon Forrest (www.healingnow.com). Sharon has been a healer, teacher and facilitator of many modalities for over 40 years in addition to being a traditional medical doctor, naturopath, homeopath and then some. She is probably most known for a divine energetic modality called C.C.M.B.A. (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment) which she herself was guided to bring to humanity. Her work and talents have facilitated incredible healings all the way up to many people getting up and walking away from the wheel chairs as well as many others with other serious conditions. A large part of her life's work is starting and funding several orphanages in Peru which have upwards of as many as 1000 children! She is truly an extra special soul. Sharon amazed the workshop's participants with multiple dozens of stories of phenomenal healings and unbelievable synchronicity throughout her life. We also learned healing techniques that ranged from a 3-5 minute migraine removal method to deep soul and past life healing work. If you are a local healer and Sharon is brought up here again in the future you have to have to have to take in her workshop. I have had many significant events and blessings in my life, but hands down this is one of the top two! What an honour and privilege to have gained this new wisdom and healing knowledge. Thank you. Namaste,
Ron Honda
Vice President
Hamilton and Area Healing Network

After studying with you, I really believe in miracles and have been blessed with a number of them.

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