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A copy of the letter Sandi sent her friends:

Re: Trip of a Lifetime. Don't let us leave without you!
Hello Dear Ones:

I want to take this opportunity to share with you information about a special journey to Sacred Sites in PERU. I've been twice and I am going again.

Dr. Sharon Forrest, a world-class healer/teacher and clinical hypnotherapist with an extensive background in naturopathic medicine, transpersonal, transformational, spiritual psychology and esoteric sciences, will be leading the trip. She will be joined by Chaskis, Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Shamans, Quetchua Healers and Native People.

This journey will take you deep into personal exploration of your soul and could be the catalyst for a major transformation in your life........a METAMORPHOSIS of sorts. We will visit sacred sites as we are bathed in the mystical energies of the Andes Mountains. Machu Picchu awaits. We will experience many of the locations that Shirley MacLaine wrote about in her book, "Out On A Limb."

The Andes have always been seeped in an aura of mystery, spirituality, esoteric and the unknown. Over a period of thousands of years many highly advanced civilizations have flourished, hidden deeply in the immeasurable valleys of these mountains. Beneficial for spiritual evolution, the fragments that remain provide active portals and vortexes that we can tap into and experience the extraordinary cultures that once inhabited these regions.

This is by far, the best sacred journey available for your time and money. We will be traveling with a small group of like-spirited sojourners. This is not just a's a very personal spiritual journey. We'll go where the tourists don't go.

Dating shows that the Sacred Sites in Peru: predate Egypt by decades; are far older than any city in this hemisphere; old enough to rewrite history and has huge pyramids of it's own bigger that those in Egypt. What flames my interest are the numerous ceremonial structures, internal, sunken temples and pyramids with platforms plus the fact that the daily life of these persons consisted of ceremonies and rituals. Exciting isn't it?

“Peru offers a soul-expanding mind-enriching and life-benefiting, positively transformative experience.” Don't just visit the Sacred Sites…experience them!

“No other walk known to man will lead you along an ancient highway from one secluded ruin to another, each in a breathtaking setting, each almost perfectly preserved, offering shelter, solitude and views that no pen or camera can ever adequately record.” - Peter Frost, author: Exploring Cusco

To discover more about Dr. Sharon Forrest and the great work she is doing, please go to and

If you or someone you know is interested in knowing more, please contact me via e-mail or call Dr. Sharon Forrest at 1-800-344-2750 immediately. Space is limited because Sharon likes small groups and there are only a few spaces open on this trip.

ARE YOU READY for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could be the quantum leap of your life?!!

Please pass this on to others that may be interested in joining us. God Bless.

My trip with you was amazing & powerful.. Definitely a once in a life time experience..I thank u for that!! Never forget the ceremony in Machu Picchu .. the best ever!... ~ Diann

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for arranging for us all to have this wonderful consciousness raising, centering, inspiring and fun Peruvian experience. ~ Bruce

just a post-trip hello to tell you thanks for making the experience of peru, machu picchu, cusco, sacred valley, ollytantanbo,..... an accessible journey to us. The experience was full and just now am i pulling the bits and pieces from my cellular memory level into consciousness and finding how it integrates within my everyday life as i learn to walk between the worlds. i absorbed an infinate amount of knowing and a complete healing- now is the assimilating and tapping into the remembering of that knowledge of my higher self, all the spirits, nature, jesus, and my connection with god, (creator)- all of the universal sources made available to each of us. WHEW!

i've been hugely busy with my business since the day of my return (a good thing right now), but wanted to say thanks and that i had a wonderful experience even through the "bumps". i want to attend some workshops in the future when my work load settles some in the meantime i shall stay plenty occupied, here, working with what i've already learned. (including perhaps training myself to see the auras i wasn't able to then).

i hope and pray that you are doing well and enjoying the adventure.
i am richer for knowing you and counting you as a friend. blessings, with my love- shelley

Sharon, Thank you so much for the spiritual journey and the wonderful experience. We are all truly blessed to have had you as one of our spiritual guides. Sharon thank you for all of your energy and insight, you are a very wise soul and I am very grateful to have you on my journey.... I think if I wouldn't have crossed paths with you I would not be where I am to day, so once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tracy, Love & Light

Mama Sharon,
I feel like I have known you forever, not just a few months. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that I have learned from you. It has been a gift of a lifetime. I look forward to a lifelong friendship. You are an amazing light and you have shined a magnificent light on me! Many, many hugs!
Love you! ~ Diann xxxooo

Mama Sharon,
Both the Destroyer and the Creator instigator of majick, wonder woman, bringer of light, mother of many children, wearer of many hats. Giver and receiver. Thank you for all you are. Love & Blessings, ~ Amae

Mama Sharon,
Bless you for all the wonderful gifts you give to the people of Peru. And the seekers and healer who honor your spiritual and sacred journeys. I am so grateful to have had this amazing experience. Thank you so much. Love, light & peace, ~Ann

Mama Sharon,
Thanks so much for all your love and healing energy, for being such an inspiration to us, and most of all, for everything you’ve done to make such a special place and a special journey available to us.
Love, Ken

Thank you dear Sharon for all the hard work in preparing for us a very beautiful and meaningful trip in the magical powerful Peru – We enjoyed it fully. The shared goal in the group allowed very sacred moments. Love and gratefulness to you ~ Helene

Mama Sharon, I promise to share all the magic and miracles you provided me on this Sacred Journey. So that others may see your heart, and love and possibly contribute. My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you, ~ Karl

Sharon, This has been such an indescribable journey. You are truly a wonder. It’s a privilege and an honor to have met you. Love, Virginia

Blessings of this bright and beautiful day, my dear sister.

Thank you for your wonderful presence the last 3 weeks and a special thanks for gifting me with the beauty and speciality that is your soul. You are truly an agent of the angels walking on earth.

Your inner peace and centeredness is an example of how we must all step into our power and assume our responsibility and commitment if human life on this planet is to survive and grow into it's rich potential.

We must all strive to emulate the way of the peaceful warrior as you have shown us, in order to fulfill the promise that we made when we first arrived on this beautiful blue ball spinning in space many eons ago.

Thanks once again for adding to the wonder and beauty that is my life. Please stay in touch. We must not let too much time pass before we are together again.

Yours in Service and Forever Friendship...... I love you. ~ Sandi

Mama Sharon,
Words cannot express!! I’ll just go and do it!! Love, Anya

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