“I found Dr. Forrest’s “It Works!” to be transformative. An amazing process! Clarity, profound understanding, compassion and self-forgiveness emerged. As a result, I have my life back. I highly recommend her therapies to individuals and families stuck in painful unresolved issues of blame, grief, anger, depression, trauma, abuse and those interested in under-standing and breaking multigenerational patterns.”
- Debbie Reynolds.



“Sharon Forrest is above all else, one of the most dedicated professionals whom I have had the pleasure to learn from. I recommend her work whole heatedly and thoroughly endorse her programs.”
- Dr. Bernard Lacroix, MD
  Hola: Amiga,

It is snowing here today. It is so captivatingly beautiful. Coming here
has been one of the biggest blessings of my life and I thank you for it. The day we met in Naramata
was truly transforming for me. It wasn't only physical healing that happened. Going back to basics has
been a wonderful opportunity to get closer to God, and that's exactly what I have been doing.
  So many things have opened up since the last workshop with you. The art and poetry and book are just exploding out of me like a burst dam. It is so surprising to me as I would've bet the house on me not having those talents at all, seems I never did before. It is so fabulous!

But the most splendid of all is what is happening spiritually. I think some days I will explode with love and joy. I feel so light, like I could fly. I have very definite physical sensations in my heart. They are not painful but they are overwhelming sometimes. They are feelings of joy and love. It is very beautiful. I just want to hug everyone in the world. Sometimes I just break into laughter or songs of praise. It has helped being here in the majestic beauty of nature. The air is so clean and the water so pure, and lots of physical exercise.

Filip and my relationship is exactly what I was asking for. Pure love! How marvelous it is. He is so supportive and loving. I feel so blessed. I am very grateful. So you, Sharon, for all your love and kindness you share with everyone. The planet is lucky God spared you from Heaven to live a life here. You are an angel. With love, Gaye

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